1 - 2 Hours

Scavenger hunt

30 - 300+

Australia Wide


Do you have a tight schedule (or budget) and still hoping to get your team outside for some fun in the sun?

Scramble is our most flexible event! It can be held anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours, and it won’t break the bank! The Scramble is based off our legendary Amazing Race, the only difference is that there are less on-the-go challenges.

How it works

Your team of roughly 5-8 people will race around your chosen location! Whether it is your conference resort, local area or CBD, the Scramble can be facilitated in all areas. Each team will race from checkpoint to checkpoint competing in problem solving & lateral thinking tasks.

This is not a test of strength or speed! The first team back will not be winner. Instead, it is the accumulation of points along the way that will determine the winner.

At Beyond the Boardroom, we pride ourselves on creating unique events, tailored to your team! If you have any conference goals or company values that you would like addressed as a hands-on activity, just say the word and our expert facilitators will work with you.

Enquire about our Scramble event today!