Aqueduct team event Sydney and Beyond

2 hours

Team challenges and problem solving

10-120 people

Australia wide

On demand

Half day

All equipment, facilitators, water and fun!

From $1500


Aqueduct is an excellent event for groups of 10-120.  The challenge commences when teams are given 20metres of pipe and they must construct an aqueduct that includes turns and obstacles.

The team needs to activate their construction and use their very best communication skills to pass a series of challenge milestones.

There are multiple stages in the program.  The first is teams creating their own aqueduct and the second is when teams have to connect their aqueducts together.

The aim of the challenge is to distribute water if outdoors OR balls if indoors along the pipeline from Point A to Point B.

How it works

Aqueduct is available anywhere in Australia, we just need a park for the water outdoor option or a suitable conference room for the non water option.  

Aqueduct is perfect for groups of 10-120 people and is a great break out activity or as a stand alone team building event.

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