2 hours

Team challenges and problem solving

30 - 500+ people

Australia wide


Team Building to Empower and Inspire!

Aqueduct is a fun team activity that encourages teams to work together. Participants use problem solving skills and creative thinking as well as communication to create a working “aqueduct”.

The overall objective of this event is to showcase the importance of teams working together with other teams to achieve a common objective. To be successful teams must share a common goal along with their knowledge, resources, skills & time. This is a hands-on event that will ensure all participants are included and involved highlighting that a successful team requires all hands on deck to succeed.

How it works

The event begins with a briefing from our facilitator and dividing the group into teams. The teams undertake a series of fun team-based challenges to earn the resources required to construct the aqueduct. Individual teams start by constructing Aqueducts that are 20 metres in length, including turns and obstacles. Your team will need to activate their construction and communication skills to pass a series of milestones.

Stage one of the game has the group in many teams, and then participants are surprised in the second stage, by having to connect their Aqueducts together! The aim of the game is to distribute water, or in the inside version Marble balls, along the pipeline, from Point A to Point B.


  • Team bandannas for all delegates
  • All equipment necessary to conduct all activities
  • Medallions for the winning team
  • All briefing material
  • Consultation and Program Design
  • Research and Set Up
  • Program Delivery
  • Challenge Facilitators
  • Sunscreen and first aid as a precaution
  • GST & Insurance

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