Bond 007 - Detective Challenge

Half Day

Escape room and scavenger hunt


All capital cities

On demand

3-4 hours

Room hire, clues and challenge, challenges, scavenger hunt, facilitators, trophies, bandannas drink bottles and more

From $1500


Looking for a unique half day team building challenge?  Why not try the Bond 007 detective challenge.

The event starts when teams are locked into an Escape Room.  They must work together to decipher clues and complete puzzles so they can escape in the fastest time.  Once the teams escape they head out into the city to complete a series of challenges and decipher more clues James Bond style.

This team building event is a partnership with Escape Hunt and Beyond the Boardroom and is also available for larger groups.  With larger groups some teams start out in the city and others start in the Escape Rooms.  Teams are then passing each other in all sorts of directions creating confusion and excitement as they strive to be the winner to the finish line.

How it works

Your group will arrive at one of our venues, they will be given instructions and introduced to their room.  The teams will then begin and have to solve the puzzles and decipher clues to escape.

After teams escape from the rooms they set out on the quest to solve a series of puzzles and challenges in the city.

Once all the puzzles are solved, teams arrive at the final destination and a winner is announced.