Christmas Party events for the workplace

Sick and tired of the boring old Christmas party?  

Had enough of the embarrassing week after your team has had a few too many and said what they really think?

The big booze up christmas parties can often lead to trouble - so why not do a fun productive activity that actually boosts morale and has a purpose instead?  We are finding there is an ever increasing amount of organisations choosing amazing fun events that actually give back to the community.

Christmas is all about giving don't forget!  Our CSR team building activities include programs like Toy Story and Bike Brigade where you build toys/bikes that are donated to charity at a perfect time to help families in need with gifts at Christmas. 

Many companies have otherwise chosen to undertake a team building event as their christmas party such as an Amazing Race followed by a few drinks.

Click here for our most popular team building events which include the amazing race, picasso challenge, bike brigade and survivor to name a few.

We look forward to sharing Christmas with you this year!  Please contact our friendly team for more details.