Mini Olympics

2 - 3 Hours

Head-to-head team based challenges

30 - 300+

Australia Wide


Get your team into the outdoors!

Test the skills of your team mates in a Mini Olympics challenge. In small teams your group will compete in a range of team activities and races and try to win gold for their country...well team!

We cater for all fitness levels and different physical abilities with challenges that are both strategic and fun! We ensure everyone is involved as they compete to win GOLD!!

Available in all major cities the Mini Olympics is a fun activity for small and large groups throughout Australia.

Mini Olympics is a great team building activity and normally goes for around 2 hours.

How it works

While the activities in our Mini Olympics may not be seen at the official Olympics, they are fun filled, engaging and promote friendly competitiveness amongst colleagues. Above all else we ensure that all of our activities are inclusive and that all participants come away feeling a part of their team. The activities are more focused on teamwork than physical prowess and promote the key functionalities of a strong and happy team.

Your group will be divided into smaller teams (countries). Then the competition begins as teams rotate through a series of activities with teams competing head to head against each other as they aim to achieve the top spot on the podium.


  • Team bandannas for all delegates
  • All equipment necessary to conduct all activities
  • Gold Medallions for the winning team
  • All briefing material
  • Consultation and Program Design
  • Research, Set Up and Program Delivery
  • Challenge Facilitators
  • Sunscreen and first aid as a precaution
  • GST & Insurance

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