Escape (NSW Only)

2 hours

Escape room problem solving challenge

30 - 100

NSW only

Clues & Challenges


You’re trapped, and you have a limited amount of clues to help you and your team escape! Strategic thinking and collaborating with others in the team are the only tools that will get you closer to freedom. Build lasting relationships and nurture your corporate culture in an exciting way which everyone is sure to be discussing for weeks! 

This team building activity is available in Sydney, Newcastle and other cities throughout NSW and is a great way to put your team under pressure, identify future leaders and great problem solvers, have a fun experience and it is available in all weather conditions!

How it works

Teams are broken up into groups of 8-12 people and provided hints and clues to assist them. Each team requires their own room, whether it be conference rooms, offices or hotel rooms and has 90 minutes to decipher clues and unlock the secret code. The fastest team to crack the code and break free from the room is crowned the ultimate winner!

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