Shark Tank

Half Day or break out

Game Show Style

15 - 150 people

Australia wide

Best as short afternoon mid conference

2 hours

Photo app, facilitators, water bottles, photo challenges, basic props

From $1500 for small groups

Shark tank is looselty based on the hit TV show but there is a big difference!

Your team mates are the contestants and the investors are your bosses!

Employees are on the front line of business, and they often have great ideas that are never heard.  This program gives them the opportunity to get these ideas out in to the open and for review by Management.

Teams come up with the ideas and then present them and Management can then decide if they are implementable or not!

How it works

The event is set up in a conference room or training room.  Teams are given time to discuss and agree on their best idea and to come up with a pitch.

All teams are present as the ideas are presented to your company Management and they can then choose if investing is the right thing or not!

It is fun and a great way to have your teams ideas heard!