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The 5 Steps to creating a "Super Team"

After many years of running team building events throughout Australia for hundreds of corporate clients Beyond the Boardroom developed the super team program.

Having a one off workshop OR a one off team building event are a fantastic start to improving employee engagement and increasing workplace morale - however if a business really wants to take their team productivity to the next level then the Super Team Program is a great way to fast track the process.

The Super Team Program is conducted over a 3month to 12 month period depending on the level of the program and involves a range of workshops, team building events, in house evaluations and more.

The program is aimed at companies that would really like to improve their company culture and nail their employee engagement.

The program is designed to incorporate Managers, C-level teams and Business owners PLUS the overall team too.

The workshops and activities are facilitated by a mixture of Beyond the Boardroom facilitators plus experts in particular fields for different aspects of the program.

Please contact Beyond the Boardroom team for a discovery call to see if the Super Team program is right for your business.