Beyond the Boardroom run Survivor style team building activities throughout Australia.

Our survivor programs are focused around the dysfunctions of a team and focus on accountability, trust, commitment, results and fear of conflict.

Our survivor style programs in South Australia include:

  • Raft building
  • Shelter building
  • Making fire with flint survivor style
  • Team challenges
  • Adventure based activities

The group will be separated into tribes of 6-12 people and they will compete against each other in a range of activities and challenges.

Tribes will search for hidden immunity idols, they will be present at the tribal council and there can only be one winning tribe.

Survivor South Australia can be operated at multiple south Australian locations including:

  • Normanville
  • Victor Harbor
  • Barossa Valley / Novotel Barossa
  • Adelaide Shores / West Beach
  • Regional South Australia locations of your choice where possible

For more information or a customised quote please contact us today on 1300 998 782!

Located at:



Half Day


Tribe versus tribe team work challenge

No. of participants:

16 to 160


Anywhere in South Australia


As required


3 hours


team bandannas, water bottles, challenges, snacks and more (see quote)


From $1400 for 16 people