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Our team offers great adventure packages for team building Australia in Alice Springs. The great outdoor adventure is waiting for you and your team and Alice Springs and Ayers Rock is a perfect place for you. If you want to go for an adventure, you can always head to these locations. Outback events in the picturesque sandstone monolith in Ayers Rock will surely allow your team a closer experience with nature.

Aside from tours that can be added as incentives during your company conference, we also has team building activities Australia available in Alice Springs. The more exciting events that your team can choose from are listed below:

How it works

Team Building Event Preparation

  • Planning – During the initial stage of your preparation, you will need to identify the reason why the event is needed. You also need to establish the goal for the event. Knowing the expected outcome of the event will help you design the activities for your team building. You also might need to know how long will the event be. Your initial plan needs to be presented to your team for prior checking and feedback. Gather ideas from your team and align your plans to some of the ideas that your team has given you. 
  • Logistics – Know your budget. The event should always be within a reasonable budget. Identify the possible dates that everyone will agree upon. The next concern will be the venue and equipment that will be used for the event. If you don’t want to experience the stress of looking into possible venues for your team event, contact the friendly team of Beyond the Boardroom. We have the freshest Australia team building ideas that everyone in your team will like. We will save you from getting strained with the logistics of your team building program.
  • Program and Agenda – Aside from the timeline of the activities, presenting the final program and agenda to your team also needs a thorough discussion of the goals and the benefits that are expected from the event. Identify the outcome that will be beneficial to individual members, leaders and the organisation. Make sure that the benefits you presented are achievable after the completion of the team building activity.

The Importance of Teamwork

Nowadays, companies and organisations have already established the importance of teams when distributing projects in the workplace. More and more businesses have designated teams for every aspect of business. This culture at work has developed the philosophy of interdependence. Successful businesses nowadays have powerhouse teams that serve as their spine. So what sets these teams apart from ordinary teams? The answer is, TEAMWORK.

Teamwork is the established harmonious interpersonal working relationship between people that progresses through a series of trainings. It determines the success and failure of a project. Getting knowledgeable people to form a team for a certain project is never enough. Everyone should be capable of adjusting well in the team environment before they are able to work together as one.

If you have a powerhouse team at your company or organisation we strongly suggest that you back them up with proper team building experience to make their working relationship seamless. Professional growth for people working within a team includes strong interpersonal skills. The ability to easily adapt to any team is learned. Expose your team to different team events. Want to know more about teamwork and great team building activities? Ask our friendly team, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!


Why Choose Alice Springs for Team Building Activities?

Alice Springs, situated in the heart of Australia's Red Centre, offers an exceptional backdrop for team building activities. Its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness provides an ideal setting for fostering teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

The iconic MacDonnell Ranges, which stretch along the town's outskirts, create a stunning environment for team challenges such as the Amazing Race. Teams can navigate through the rugged terrain and picturesque trails, combining adventure with strategy as they race to complete tasks and unlock hidden clues, all while taking in the breathtaking desert landscapes.

The sprawling Alice Springs Desert Park is another fantastic public location for team building. Amidst the arid expanse of the desert, groups can partake in Mini Olympics or Scramble challenges. The park's interactive displays of local wildlife and Indigenous culture add a layer of educational enrichment to the experience. 

At the Todd River, Ransom and Survivor activities become engaging endeavours as teams work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles, all while being surrounded by the serene natural beauty of this iconic dry riverbed. 

Additionally, the town's public spaces, like Anzac Hill, lend themselves well to team activities such as AppVenture and Aqueduct, where strategic thinking and creativity are key in achieving the set objectives. With its captivating landscapes and diverse range of public locations, Alice Springs is undoubtedly a remarkable place for unforgettable team-building experiences.

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