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Team Building Activities Available in Brisbane! 

The sunny capital of Queensland is a great location for conferences and events, and not only because of the endless sunshine, great food and atmosphere. Team building activities Brisbane offers a unique urban backdrop for outdoor events like The Amazing Race, Survivor, Aqueduct, Mini Olympics and Ransom.

We can tailor our activities to meet your conference goals, company values or objectives! Let's make your team SUPER together - CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE!

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Team activities are designed for your team’s entertainment and your organisation’s growth. Making these two meet is a challenge we pride ourselves on. We also offer our services in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Alice Springs and Hobart, Australia. Contact our friendly team today!

How it works

We are a mobile service - so we come to you! If you are looking to break up your conference with a fun activity - we will come to your venue. If you are looking to inject some fun into your work day - we will come to your head office! 

No matter where you are located, it is our goal to facilitate professional, insightful and engaging team building activities in Brisbane. 

How to Choose the Right Team Building Activities in Brisbane?

When choosing the right activity for your team, you should always use the guideline below to check

  • Relevance – How does the activity complement the organisation’s goals? 
  • Engagement – Does the activity foster camaraderie? Engaging with each other as well as the challenge at hand helps to build a rapport within teams. Team Building Activities Brisbane is a great way to keep your crew engaged inside and outside the office. 
  • Review –  Leaving your team with a positive experience and new connections is the goal!


Why Choose Brisbane for Team Building Activities?

Brisbane, the sun-soaked capital of Queensland, is an exceptional city for team building activities thanks to its diverse range of public places that offer the perfect backdrop for fostering teamwork, communication, and camaraderie among groups. One of the standout locations for team building is South Bank Parklands, a picturesque oasis situated along the Brisbane River. Here, teams can engage in various activities, from friendly competitions on the lush lawns to problem-solving challenges, like Aqueduct, Survivor, or Ransom, at the innovative outdoor playground known as ‘Epicurious Garden’.

South Bank's vibrant atmosphere, with its bustling markets and cultural events, also provides ample opportunities for team members to connect and bond while exploring the city's unique culture. If you’re after a taste of Brisbane's unique charm, consider venturing into the heart of the city for an urban team building adventure. The bustling South Bank precinct, with its bustling streets, cultural venues, and picturesque riverfront, provides an ideal backdrop for activities like the Amazing Race or AppVenture.

For those seeking a more adventurous team building experience, the picturesque beaches of Brisbane's Moreton Island are an excellent choice. Just a short ferry ride from the city, Moreton Island offers the perfect setting for a beach Mini Olympics. Your team can take in the island's natural wonders as they engage in friendly competition. Additionally, the stunning views and serene surroundings of Moreton Island provide an ideal setting for relaxation and reflection, fostering connections among team members in a peaceful and beautiful environment.

Brisbane's accessibility and versatility make it a prime choice for team building events of all kinds. Whether in the heart of the city or amidst the natural beauty of Moreton Island, Brisbane offers a multitude of public places that make it a fantastic destination for team building activities.

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Team Building Activities Available in Brisbane! 

Beyond the Boardrooms hosts the best team building activities Brisbane has to offer!

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