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Need to find the perfect location for your adventure team-building challenge? No need to look far, Beyond the Boardroom will give you the ultimate Darwin adventure through our full range of team building activities. 

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Team activities are designed for your team’s entertainment and your organisation’s growth. Making these two meet is a challenge we pride ourselves on. We also offer our services in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart, Alice Springs and Hobart, Australia. 

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How it works

We are a mobile service so we come to you! We can come to your conference venue or head office in Darwin.

What is accomplished by team building activities in Darwin?

Fostering commitment – Team building events aim to sustain the employees’ commitment to the team. Being able to value the purpose of the goals and corporate objective that the organisation presents to the team, they will be fully committed and align their work to make the goals achievable. The team event serves as the starting point to put all team members on the same track.

Enhancing individual contribution – Needless to say, team performance and outputs depend on the skills of each member. Developing the interpersonal skills of your team members is crucial. Inclusion, confidence and employee empowerment are some of the things that need to be established for your team to work well together. Beyond the Boardroom designs team activities that enhance the skills of each member. We offer wellbeing workshops, leadership, marketing, teamwork and Creative Thinking Training Workshops to empower your employees.

Open communication – Cohesiveness is brought about by open communication within the team. The ability to talk and listen freely by sharing ideas and asking for help is a decisive factor in making an effective team.

Improved cooperation – Your team should develop interdependence when working toward a common goal. Allowing them to discover their potential and helping them identify the best way to get into the flow of working well together. Professional growth while working with a team is achievable. You just need to know the right ingredients to make things work.

Effective conflict management – Individual differences and diverse opinions spark conflict within the team. Workshops can be the most effective team activities that will help in conflict management. 


Why Choose Darwin for Team Building Activities?

Darwin, the lively harbour city and tropical capital of the Northern Territory, is a fantastic destination for team building activities, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and engaging public spaces. The city's lush parks, picturesque beaches, and captivating outdoor settings create an ideal backdrop for fostering team spirit and camaraderie. Team building activities in Darwin are not only a chance for groups to bond but also an opportunity to explore this vibrant, tropical city.

The iconic Mindil Beach, famous for its mesmerising sunsets, is the ideal setting for a Mini Olympics or Survivor, where teams can take part in physical challenges while surrounded by stunning coastal scenery. Nearby, George Brown Botanic Gardens provides a serene setting for activities like Aqueduct or Ransom

Charles Darwin National Park offers a rugged and adventurous backdrop for activities like Amazing Race, adding an element of excitement and exploration to your team building experience.

If you're looking for an urban twist to your team-building journey, Darwin's lively waterfront precinct, featuring Stokes Hill Wharf and Darwin Waterfront Lagoon, is the ideal location for a Scramble or AppVenture. Participants can immerse themselves in the city's culture while taking on exciting challenges. With its diverse range of public spaces, Darwin opens the door to an array of thrilling team building possibilities that harness the beauty and adventure of the Australian Outback.

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