Darwin Team Building Programs

Experience Darwin and Top End, Team building challenge Australia!

Need to find the perfect location for your adventure team building challenge? No need to look far, Beyond the Boardroom will give you the ultimate adventure with our Darwin packages for team building events. Unique team events offered to be held in a location that is suited for any adventure.

Your one of a kind team building experience in Darwin, Australia will give you more than the fun of playing outdoor games. We will bring you closer to nature and even bring your team for a close encounter with wildlife animals. Our team does not only facilitate team events and activities in the area, we also organise tours for any organisations. If your team wants a refreshing experience head for a tour in Darwin will be the best choice. We offer the following:

Establishing your team and making them work effectively to achieve your goals can be a hard and daunting task for business owners and organization leaders that is why Beyond the Boardroom will help you out. You can always contact our friendly team for team building event inquiries and quotation requests.

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How it works

What is accomplished by a team building?

Fostering commitment – Team building events aim to sustain the employees’ commitment to the team. Being able to value the purpose of the goals and corporate objective that the organization presents to the team, they will be fully commit and align their work to make the goals achievable.  The team event serves as the starting point to put all team members in the same track.

Enhancing individual contribution – Needless to say, team performance and outputs depend on the skills of each member. Developing the interpersonal skills of your team members during a team event is a crucial need. Inclusion, confidence and employee empowerment are some of the things that need to be established for your team to work well together. Beyond the Boardroom designs team activities that enhance the skills of each member. We offer wellbeing workshops, leadership, marketing, team work and Creative Thinking Training Workshops that will surely empower your employees and boost their confidence.

Open communication – Cohesiveness is brought about by an open communication within the team. The ability to talk and listen freely by sharing ideas, asking for help and say what they want to say regarding work related issues is a decisive factor in making an effective team. Welcoming new ideas when faced with obstacles and decision making can be practiced. Look for team activities that can provide your organization a workshop that will enhance your team’s listening skills. Beyond the Boardroom custom builds team building activities Australia to suit your need.

Improved cooperation – Your team should develop interdependence when working for a common goal. Allowing them to discover their own potentials and helping them identify the best way to get into the flow of working well together enhances the team cooperation. Professional growth while working with a team is achievable. You just need to know the right ingredient to make things work.

Effective conflict management – Individual differences and diverse opinions spark conflict within the team, how does a team building helps in conflict management? Self-discovery and “Shoe shifting” workshops can be the most effective team activities that will help in conflict management. Discovering yourself along with your team will give them the opportunity get to know you well. Being in front of criticism and giving away criticism also makes your team understand the point of view of both sides.