Hobart Team Building

Fun and exciting events for Team Building in Hobart and Tasmania

Discover one of Australia’s old cities through fun and exciting team events. Aside from the thrilling wildlife experience, you can also uncover a great selection of old and new art inside the Museum of Old and New Art. Hobart city’s rich history and picturesque sceneries are some of the top reasons why this location is worth the visit.

One way for your team to explore the city is through Hobart Amazing Race. Various activities and stops located in the city centre, market area and Wharf area will allow you to explore the hidden charm of this beautiful city. Aside from racing around the city with your team, Beyond the Boardroom also offers other team activities. Check out the list below:

We also offer modifying these team building activities to suit the needs of your organization. You can also enjoy most of our events in different locations including Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth Australia. For inquiries and quotation requests, contact our friendly team now! 

How it works

Why team building is important?

Our workplace is a location which is almost synonymous to the word stress. Many employees may even find their own offices as the most boring place to be. Engaging in a routine of work depletes the motivation of your team. Renew their motivation of your employees now before it becomes too late. Take them to a new environment and let them experience new things.

One of the most essential things when renewing your team’s motivation is FUN. You can choose any event from our team building activities Hobart to give your staff a thrilling experience of the city.

Things to Remember for your Team Building

Team building is more than the fun excursion and the games. Here are some of the essential things that you need to incorporate to whatever team event you are planning.

  • Shared goals - Be clear of your team’s goal. The desired outcome for every event should be clear from the very beginning of the activity. Everyone in the team should know the goal of the activity.
  • Knowing who the leader is - All team activities need someone to step up and lead the team. The leader should know how to lead his team to success. Making a successful team out of all your staff needs a knowledgeable and experienced leader acknowledged by everyone. Knowing who should lead the team during the entire event will help in most decision making.
  • What the obstacle teaches us - A successful team building is an event that made an impact to your team. Discovering things about yourself and the people you’re working with and how to improve working relationships are just some of the takeaways that Beyond the Boardroom aims to achieve for our every client. We always provide assessment of the teams during the culmination of every activity to help your organization identify the obstacles faced by the team. Allowing the teams to formulate solutions and plans of action to counter the hindrances.

Create a better working environment and culture at work with a renewed motivation from your employees. Make a better team!