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Whether your team is based in Hobart or Tasmania is your conference destination, hosting a team building activities in Hobart is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Hobart is a unique team building location, nestled amongst mountains in the background of the rugged Tasmanian bush, making it an ideal location for a Survivor or Amazing Race event.

Don’t let Hobarts backdrop fool you! It is still an incredible location. Explore the bustling CBD through a city style Amazing Race. Hobart’s team building scene is endless. Our goal is to ensure that your team are geared towards success through fun activities in Hobart! Contact the experts today!

We tailor all events to suit your teams specific needs! Ask our friendly team about your bespoke opportunity below. 

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How it works

Why team building activities are essential for team development

Our workplace is a location which is almost synonymous to the word stress. Engaging in routine work depletes motivation. Renew the motivation of your employees now, before it is too late! Engage their minds in lateral thinking and problem solving tasks with a team building activity amongst the gorgeous Hobart scenery.

One of the most essential things when renewing your team’s motivation is FUN. You can choose any event from our team building activities Hobart to give your staff a thrilling experience of the city.

Things to Remember for your Team Building

Team building is more than the fun excursion and the games. Here are some of the essential things that you need to incorporate to whatever team event you are planning.

  • Shared goals - Be clear of your team’s goal. The desired outcome for every event should be clear from the very beginning of the activity. Everyone in the team should know the goal of the activity.
  • Knowing who the leader is - All team activities need someone to step up and lead the team. The leader should know how to lead their team to success. Making a successful team out of all your staff needs a knowledgeable and experienced leader acknowledged by everyone. Knowing who should lead the team during the entire event will help in most decision making.
  • What the obstacles teach us - A successful team building activity makes an impact. Discovering things about yourself and your team, and improving working relationships are just some of the takeaways that Beyond the Boardroom aims to achieve for our every client. 

Create a better working environment with positive work culture and renewed motivation from your employees.

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Why Choose Hobart for Team Building Activities?

Hobart, Tasmania, is an exceptional location for team building activities thanks to its stunning natural surroundings and a wealth of public spaces that cater to a wide range of outdoor pursuits. One of the standout locations for team building adventures is the iconic Salamanca Place, nestled along the picturesque waterfront. Teams can embark on an Amazing Race challenge through the historic streets, solving clues and navigating the vibrant market stalls that line this area, making it a perfect spot for fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Further south, the pristine beaches of Hobart, such as Kingston Beach and Seven Mile Beach, offer an ideal backdrop for Mini Olympics. Here, teams can engage in friendly athletic competitions, building camaraderie and team spirit as they soak in the breathtaking coastal views. Another noteworthy location is the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, an oasis of greenery and serenity. Teams can tackle Aqueduct or Ransom challenges amidst the lush gardens, strengthening their communication and strategic thinking while surrounded by nature's beauty.

For a high-tech twist, the Hobart CBD provides a dynamic urban landscape for an AppVenture, taking in the city's landmarks, like the Hobart Town Hall or Franklin Square while fostering collaboration, communication, and camaraderie. Additionally, the scenic backdrop of the Tasman Bridge and the Derwent River offers an extraordinary setting for a  Scramble.

Finally, the rugged terrain surrounding Hobart's Mount Wellington lends itself perfectly to our Survivor team building activity. With its breathtaking scenery, this public natural reserve is an ideal place for teams to bond, overcome obstacles, and develop resilience. Hobart's diverse array of public spaces ensures that teams can engage in a wide variety of team-building activities, creating memorable experiences and strengthening their bonds in this captivating Tasmanian city.

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