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Sydney is the original location for excellent team building activities! With many options available in Sydney for team building events, it can be overwhelming, to decide on the best team building activities in Sydney for your team. Luckily, we are a national leader in team building programs – giving you the best recommendations in events suited to your unique team in Sydney!

Must Try Team Building Activities in Sydney!

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Is your team heading to the Central Coast, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Newcastle or the Hunter Valley? We facilitate team building activities in the surrounding areas of Sydney. 

Whether your team is based in Sydney or is heading there for your next conference, the Emerald City has something to offer every team. Tackle the CBD in an Amazing Race event or head to the gorgeous parklands with a Survivor or Mini Olympics. With sunny skies and an emerald, blue harbour Sydney is the perfect backdrop to any conference or event.



How it works

Whether you have booked a conference venue or you’re looking to create a fun team day out of your head office in Sydney, we are a mobile service – so we come to you! Looking for venue recommendations? See below for our preferred venue list.

Is your team separated by state lines? As we are a national provider of team-building programs, we can facilitate multi-city events to connect teams to connect interstate teams!  

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Why Choose Sydney for Team Building Activities?

Nestled along the stunning eastern coastline of Australia, Sydney stands as an emblem of beauty, diversity, and opportunity. As the largest city in the country, Sydney offers a unique setting for team building activities that blend natural wonders, urban adventures, and a spirit of collaboration. From the iconic Sydney Harbour to lush green spaces and a vibrant culinary scene, Sydney is the perfect choice to foster team unity and create lasting memories.

Imagine your team basking in the warm Sydney sunshine while engaging in thrilling outdoor team building activities. Conquer obstacles and complete tasks against the backdrop of panoramic city views with Survivor at Observatory Hill Park or Pyrmont’s waterfront gem, Pirrama Park. Alternatively, Sydney's dazzling beaches, including Coogee and Manly, offer ideal settings for Mini Olympics that infuse your team building day with fun and excitement. 

If you're looking to explore the heart of Sydney, the CBD, consider the thrill of an AppVenture or an Amazing Race. Your team can embark on a high-energy adventure through the bustling streets, solving clues, and completing challenges all while taking in the city’s sights.

As a city that seamlessly blends modernity with nature, Sydney also offers indoor options. Host your team building event in one of Sydney's cutting-edge event spaces, where you can engage in exciting indoor team building activities such as Battle of the Minds, LEGO® Serious Play®, Shark Tank, or an escape room challenge.

No matter your preference or location within Sydney, our mobile team building service is ready to customise an unforgettable experience that fits your team's needs and goals. Contact us today to embark on a day of unity, growth, and adventure in the breathtaking city of Sydney


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Why try these Sydney team building activities?

To know your team better - Being able to spend quality time with your team nourishes working relationships. It serves as a way to know more about the people you are working with. It gives you more insight into how they handle trivial matters that are not work-related. It makes you see your teammates in a different light.

Avoid work-related stress - Everyone in the workplace faces the day-to-day challenges of being able to do better. Work pressure often coincides with work-related stress. Not having an avenue to release stress is harmful to your team; it may even result in high rates of turnover. Allowing your team to practice other activities outside the office can help them cope with the pressure of work.

Improve team strategy - Finding a way to work out individual differences within a team can be a daunting job for team leaders. Your team should learn how to trust each other. Not having this element within your team can be harmful to your future projects. Before that happens, coordinate with us and take our team challenges. Learn how you can use the basic value of trust to improve your team’s approach to solving problems.

To establish a common goal - The goals set on a team building activity may be limited to winning a certain game or being able to pass a challenge but the techniques that your team employ in handling to meet these goals are closely related to the dynamics of how they work.

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