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Not only is the Gold Coast a fantastic holiday destination, but it is also popular with conferences and team building events! A booming hub of economic activity alongside long stretches of sandy beach, the Gold Coast provides the perfect combination of business and pleasure. Rain hail or shine the Gold Coast has team building activities available for every team. A Mini Beach Olympics is a great way to incorporate the essence of the Gold Coast into your team building activity. Choose your start and finish locations and explore the intricate CBD with an Amazing Race. Finish at a local pub on the waterfront for a well-deserved beverage.  

The Gold Coast is famous for its nightlife. Why not channel this energy into a nighttime team building activity? A Casino Night will see your team place bets and compete to win the most amount of money for their team. Don’t worry, your delegates will only be using ‘fake money’, not their own. Hilarious Game Show Trivia Nights that will leave your team in stitches are also available on the Gold Coast.


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How it works

How to Choose the Right Team Building Activity on The Gold Coast.

When choosing the right activity for your team, you should always use the guidelines below to check:

  • Relevance – How does the activity complement the organisation’s goals? You need to make sure that the activity you choose relates to the team’s desired outcome. Begin planning your team event with the goals in mind.  
  • Relaxation – Does the activity foster camaraderie? Your team event should be an avenue for building better working relationships. Make sure that your activity is engaging and relaxing for your team.  
  • Review – Does it capture the experience? Your activity should leave an impact on your team. Team building activities should be a learning practice for everyone. Capture the benefits of the experience and make your team more knowledgeable!

Gold Coast Team Building Categories:

  • Recreational - How does the activity contribute to the organisation's objectives? You must ensure that the activity you select is relevant to the team's targeted objective. Begin your team event planning with the goals in mind.
  • Developmental - Developmental team activities try to find methods to enhance the team by focusing on recognising the team's deficiencies. Most team building activities in Gold Coast include exercises that help participants enhance their interpersonal and intra-personal abilities. Team games that test problem-solving and leadership abilities can also be employed.
  • Insightful - You should also consider introducing fresh and innovative thoughts to your team through smart team events. Beyond the Boardroom also organises team seminars and training. Help your staff achieve their professional goals by enrolling them in our Leadership, Marketing, Teamwork, and Creative Thinking Training Workshops.


Why Choose the Gold Coast for Team Building Activities?

The Gold Coast, Australia, is a sun-soaked paradise nestled along the southeastern coastline of Queensland, renowned for its captivating blend of golden sandy beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and vibrant city life. Thanks to its stunning natural surroundings and excellent infrastructure, the Gold Coast is a popular destination for conferences and corporate and team building events.

Imagine embarking on an Amazing Race through the vibrant Surfers Paradise, where teams rush through its bustling streets, iconic beachfront, or scenic parks to complete exciting challenges. Or perhaps you prefer the Mini Olympics held on the sun-soaked shores of Broadbeach, where friendly competitions inspire teamwork and perseverance. 

Teammates can strategise and work together to decipher clues in our thrilling Scramble team building activity set against the lush backdrop of the Gold Coast Hinterland. The picturesque beauty of Southport's Broadwater Parklands provides an idyllic setting for an activity where teams must come together to take on exciting challenges, as well as solve complex puzzles in Ransom

For a tech-savvy adventure, an AppVenture along the Burleigh Heads National Park's rainforest trails and pristine beaches offer a unique blend of outdoor exploration and digital challenges. Last but not least, the spirit of cooperation is tested to its limits during a Survivor challenge at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where teams must collaborate to outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition.

The Gold Coast's versatile public spaces allow for creative team-building activities that cater to a wide range of interests and skill sets, ensuring that participants can learn, bond, and thrive in this stunning coastal destination. Whether on the beach or in a lush park, the Gold Coast provides an inspiring environment for teams to come together, overcome challenges, and create lasting memories.

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