Virtual Team Building Activities

A few years ago, we would have laughed at the idea of facilitating virtual team building activities. How could interacting with your team over a video call be considered ‘team building’? Well with the introduction of remote & hybrid work, which looks like it is here to stay, virtual team building is becoming more prevalent in the corporate events world. We have the answer, with a variety of virtual team building options available for any team! Whether you are purely remote, in the office, hybrid or have team members scattered across the country or around the globe.

A great virtual team building activity that will leave your team in stitches is the Around the World challenge. If you are looking for pure virtual fun, then this challenge is for you! We encourage everyone to dress up as their preferred country to maximise the fun. This virtual team building game will see your group split into teams where they will use a third-party app to perform in photo and video challenges and answer trivia style questions. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible for each challenge. These points accumulate into airfares where they will then ‘fly’ to the next country. The team to get the furthest Around the World wins! These aren’t just your average virtual team building challenges. An example challenge is to make your worst ‘tequila face’ (tequila not required). There is an all-in wrap up at the end where you can see all the hilarious photos from the other teams.

A unique aspect of Beyond the Boardroom is that we operate in all capital cities. If your team is scattered in several capital cities, yet you still want to host an all-in, super fun virtual/outdoor event, we recommend our Appventure. Although it is hosted virtually, the Appventure is similar to an Amazing Race style event. Racing around to pre-determined challenge sites, in their respective capital city, your team will partake in photo and video challenges throughout the race. Then they will jump back on the zoom call, wherever they are located, for the announcement of the winner.

There is no need for breakout rooms with the Go Game! Your entire team can collaborate and work together in a series of fun virtual team building activities. We have many more hilarious virtual team building activities for corporate groups. Check them out below!

We are also now offering a series of hybrid team building activities! Contact our friendly team today and ask about our hybrid Lego Serious Play or hybrid Brighter Future.

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