Virtual | Remote Team Building Programs

Virtual and Remote Team Building Activities

Beyond the Boardroom have developed a range of virtual and remote team building events perfect for the COVID period.

With the increase in people working remotely, from home, in pilot offices and in separate shifts, the need for remote and virtual team building events has increased dramatically.

In light of the new world we are living in, the Beyond the Boardroom team have developed some fun, challenging and exciting events for multiple team sizes and they can be run anywhere and at any time.  

All your team needs is a good computer and internet connection, depending on the activity chosen they may need a smart phone and away we go.  You can choose from:

  • Online Game Show | Online interactive game show on your mobile device
  • Local explorer | Online scavenger hunt team members can complete at the same time but in their own suburb
  • The virtual creative | Remotely hosted art based team building activity
  • Brighter Future | CSR based remotely hosted activity building solar lights for those living in energy poverty
  • Robot Wars | Team members build a small robot that is then cleaned and donated to a local school
  • Virtual Workshops | Choose a workshop from our extensive list and have this delivered by a remote host online

If your organisation and location has easing social distancing rules, you might like to explore our COVID social distancing team events too.  These are variations on our most popular events and we can run these adhering to social distancing guidelines too.  The are the perfect COVID friendly event.

Please contact our team for more information.