Around the World

Virtual Team Building


Anywhere in the world!

90 minutes

Full event facilitation, all challenge activities, access to app.


How would you like to take your team on a well-earned holiday? (without the price tag)

Around the world is a team building event where teams virtually hop around the globe to complete fun tasks. The challenges allow each team to earn points in order to pay for their next ‘flight’. The more destinations you travel to the more points you can get! The team with highest points at the end of challenge wins.

How it works

Everyone will be briefed on the activity by your facilitator and given the unique game code to enter in the app before joining breakout rooms with the rest of their team. Once in the breakout room, teams can communicate with each other to find and complete the tasks and explore the world!

Each team may also ask for clues from a Beyond the Boardroom facilitator if they get stuck!