Virtual Escape Room ARCTIC SURVIVAL

Virtual Team Building - Escape Room


Anywhere in the world!

60 Minutes

Full event facilitation, all challenge activities, access to app.


You have never felt this cold before. As the snowstorm rages around you, your team search for the guide so that they may provide you with direction.

However, no one can find them, they have disappeared into the haze of the frosty air. Your team spots a hut on the horizon, and you make it just before the frostbite sets in. But now your only chance of escape is to power up the generator, find your GPS coordinates and radio for help before the storm renders the hut unreachable.

How it works

Virtual Escape Room Arctic Survival will see teams of 4-6 people race against the ticking clock that mother nature has set for them to escape the hut. This event will see teams using problem solving skills, communication skills and team work.

Each team works together to crack the codes and solve the puzzles that allow them to “escape the hut”. The aim is to score as many points as possible in the allotted time, with extra points given for the first team to escape.

Everyone will be briefed on the activity by a facilitator and given the unique game code to enter in the app before joining breakout rooms with the rest of their team. Once in the breakout room, teams can communicate with each other to find clues and solve the problems required to escape!

Do you and your team have what it takes to escape?