Breakthrough Creativity

Half Day (All programs can be tailored to meet your agenda and team needs)


6 - 600 participants


All year round

Workbook & Hardcopy Assessment Profile. Six hats if Half Day workshop booked.

From $1600 + gst


Leveraging creativity is a critical success factor for today’s challenging workplaces. Contemporary life is unintentionally conferring a competitive advantage on individuals and institutions that embrace change, encourage innovation and exhibit flexibility.

It's not IF you're creative - it's HOW you're creative. The fact is everyone is creative. Just as there are multiple styles of intelligence, there are multiple styles of creativity that produce different yet equally valuable results.

This workshop is based on the work of Levesque who constructed a research- based model of creative personalities that is rooted in the pioneering work of Carl Jung and tied to the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. Using data extracted from original research and these models she identified eight ‘Talent types or orientations that individuals possess. This workshop also incorporates the wisdom of Edward DeBono and the six hats strategic and creative thinking model to enable a collective group think session using powerful parallel thinking.

How it works

In this workshop, you will discover and develop your own creative skills and gain insight into how you can approach workplace challenges through a creative lens.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand creativity and the impact of creative talent differences
  • Identify personal creative talents and recognise the contributions of each style
  • Improve problem-solving and inventive thinking capabilities
  • Apply the six thinking hats to a group thinking situation

*Includes hats for all to wear to add a dash of fun!

Participants will discover their dominant and auxiliary talent which is the first step to achieving more creative contributions and appreciation of their creative capacity.

The next step is learning how to apply that knowledge to solving problems. Our creative talent combination can impact what data we see and how a problem is defined, and how we generate alternatives and implement solutions. Participants gain valuable insight into the effect and challenges of each talent in order to find the most creative solution to a problem.

Then workshop some topics aligned to current objectives: Creativity, collaboration and innovation in practice.