Building on our Strengths

Half Day (All programs can be tailored to meet your agenda and team needs)


6 - 600 participants


All year round

Workbook, Online Strengths Profile & Draft Team Agreement sent through to team.


This is an empowering and insightful workshop which covers key contemporary leadership skills. It provides an opportunity for participants to appreciate their authentic style and recognise personal leadership strengths. The foundation content is research based and incorporates the latest from the field of Positive Psychology.

Discover key strategies to build an engaged and high performing team, through the power of strength-based coaching, feedback and goal setting.

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: Leadership development starts with self-development and participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders and how they can develop a powerful and authentic strengths based personal leadership brand. The workshop also focuses on building strong one-on-one relationships built on trust and creates an understanding of the stages of team development. We simplify the key to positive communicating and engagement through challenge and change.  This involves actively stimulating positive leadership practices and positive culture development.


How it works

This is the essential workshop for those new to Leadership, wanting to consolidate their existing skills or to better understand contemporary leadership practices through a strengths lens.  Activity based through-out. Guarantees Aha moments and practical skills and strategies you can implement back in you teams!

Participants will be better able to:

  • Enhance their personal leadership presence and authenticity through discovering their strengths. This helps to build trust.
  • Discover research-based strategies to grow their emotional intelligence . 94% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence.
  • Identify their own hot buttons and the shadow side to their own strengths
  • Identify personal strengths couplings that fuel optimum performance
  • Lift the performance of teams by creating a positive environment
  • Understanding team member engagement and team dynamics in their current and future team
  • Understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset
  • Give positive and constructive feedback with clarity of positive intent
  • Develop a clearer leadership vision and establish a strength-based goal

Team flow on benefits include:

•    Increased engagement levels.
•    Build morale, and improved trust and respect for each other.
•    Team members feel valued and how they contribute to the big picture.
•    Create a more fertile environment for innovation and business growth