Leadership Workshops, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane

Full Day


Maximum 20 pax

Australia WIde

On Demand

8 hours

Workshop, facilitator, workbooks

From $3000


Leadership Foundations

Leadership skills are forever changing, and this workshop covers the core skills required as well as tips on how to develop your own authentic style so you are a successful leader.

Perfect for new leaders or leaders that want to consolidate their skills to gain a better understanding of contemporary leadership practises.


Leaders will learn how to:

  • Recognise and develop your leadership roles within an organisation
  • Improve personal leadership presence and leadership style
  • Increase engagement
  • Lift the performance of teams
  • Develop strong organisational commitment by having clearer vision and the ability to communicate it
  • Leave with ready to implement action plan


How it works


Leadership development starts with self development and participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders, and how they can develop ta powerful personal leadership brand.  It focuses on building strong one-on-one relationships built on trust and also the stages of team development.

  • Core strength and values alignment
  • Accountability- No excuses
  • Operational style evaluation
  • Understanding Team development and dynamics in current team
  • Introduction to resolving conflict
  • Effective feedback
  • Understanding and developing Personal Leadership Strengths- (Aha moments in identifying personal success patterns.)
  • Delegating
  • Communicate your leadership vision 

We are happy to tailore to suit your needs.