Positive Leadership

4 hrs


20 - 600 +

Australia Wide

Accredited facilitators


Have the last few years been taxing, tiring, and challenging for your leaders? Would you like a new suite of tools to help your leaders become proactive in building an enviable positive culture, that people thrive in!

This professional workshop utilises evidence-based research from applied positive psychology to take your leadership team to the next level.

So why is Positive Leadership: the path to extraordinary, different to other leadership styles and workshops? Imagine if all your leaders felt empowered and accountable for the culture they create. Positive Leadership is a research-backed style of leadership that is perfect for those wanting to build a positive and progressive leadership style across the organisation—elevating positivity, inclusion and belonging. We combine with the strengths approach for maximum impact and collective purpose.

*suitable for executive teams. 

To get the most out of this workshop, pair it with our Survivor Program, where teams are put into tribes to outwit and outlast each other, communicating in new ways to build cohesion, trust and connection.

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How it works

Workshop Objectives: 

               - Trends in culture and leadership

               - Discover the science behind Positive Leadership  

               - Positive culture and research-based strategies to grow emotional intelligence,

                 self-regulation and influence positive contagion.

               - Build relational culture - understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset with

                 positive communication strategies

               - Identify evidence-based strategies to cultivate forgiveness, compassion, empathy

                 and gratitude

               - Develop a clear leadership vision and communicate purpose through a

                 strengths lens

               - Use a strengths approach to unlock motivation in others

               - Approach change in an affirmative mindset



"Highly engaging workshop. We enjoyed the links to our school culture and positive education framework." - SMT Brisbane 

"Thank you for another highly insightful and engaging conference. The feedback from the team was excellent." - Department of Human Services