Live Life Forward - Well-being Group workshop

Half Day


small or large groups

Australia wide

On demand

3.5 hours

Work Books, facilitator, team activities, workshop

From $2000


Beyond the Boardroom brings you a workshop that will aid you in achieving your personal and professional growth. Join us by participating in a workshop that goes beyond improving your well-being. This developmental program focuses on the happiness and contentment of your team.

The Live Life Forward program is the brainchild of Jane Wundersitz, a wonderful resoource person from Wundertraining. With "Live Life Forward", Beyond the Boardroom will provide your team a well-being enhancement workshop that will help your team feel happy and renew motivation.

Live life forward is a wellness workshop that aims to strengthen your team's well-being. Through this workshopwe will assist your team in:

  • Becoming more efficient in both their personal and professional lives
  • Performing at their optimum and being more productive because they are happier
  • Reducing negativity at work
  • Improving their satisfaction in their work as they are more engaged
  • Being thankful to your company for valuing their personal development

This insightful workshop provides your team a candid look about the psychology of happines. By taking on the Live Life Forward workshop, your team will be able to find new ways on how they will be able to increase their personal well-being.

How it works

With Jane Wubdersitz, this workshop is fantastic!  All of the feedback that we've gathered for this event is excellent. The effectivity may rely on your team's choice but this workshop does prove that finding happiness in the workplace and improving well-being of the people working for you has a huge impact in your team's performance. Help the most important assets of your company (your people) through this workshop.

If you don't have the time to go out of your way to attend the workshop, Live Life Forward will be the one to come to your conference venue. This workshop is the most convenient way of conveying your care towards your team.

The Live Life Forward workshop is available anywhere in Australia. Just give us a call for any inquiries.

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