Live Life Forward

3.5 hrs


20 - 500 +

Australia Wide

Accredited facilitators


After living and working through unprecedented times these past two years, wellbeing in terms of professional and personal development is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. This evidence-based program has delighted thousands of participants for over a decade. Engaging your team with a Live Life Forward workshop will introduce the science behind wellbeing, grow their emotional self-awareness, apply strengths, fuel motivation, set goals, build connections, and add a new level of appreciation through gratitude.

If you are looking for a way to inspire, not only professionally but personally, then this workshop is perfect for you and your team. A fun, positive and memorable experience, enabling your team to connect, engage and align their personal and professional wellbeing after these challenging years.

Pair this workshop with our Amazing Race team building event to get the most out of your team day! After a morning of goal setting for success your team will love the opportunity to use that passionate energy and forge closer relationships with those in the team.

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How it works

Live Life Forward Workshop Overview: 

The Big Picture

  • Current research about Wellbeing in Australia
  • An introduction to applied positive psychology and the PERMA framework, the science of wellbeing

Mood Matters - Emotions and our thinking

  • Evidence-based strategies and tools to grow emotional self-awareness
  • Positive Emotions

Building Engagement – Pathways to intrinsic motivation

  • Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow Theory: What makes us ‘really happy’
  • Optimising and applying strengths
  • Discover your path to intrinsic motivation

Achievement – Goals

  • Setting towards goals builds goal success
  • Busting procrastination

Positive Relationships

  • What matters most? What can we learn from a landmark study on a healthy and happy life?
  • Two key components essential to Discover the research into building high-quality connections

Meaning - The attitude of gratitude

  • Appreciation at a whole new level
  • Consolidation



"Inspirational - fantastic energy with real and relevant learning. Feeling ready for anything!" - BOC

"Uplifting! The presenter was very positive, inspiring and knowledgeable. Very engaging." - LION

"Very worthwhile. We loved the positivity of the program and learning why we feel the way we do and what matters most. Engaging presenter and fun." - Adelaide University