Mastering your Mojo

1.5 - 3.5 hrs


20 - 500 +

Australia Wide

Accredited facilitators


The most important use of personal influence is how we motivate ourselves. How we can make positive change to provide a greater sense of balance and enjoyment in both our professional and personal lives. In the last couple of years the badge of being busy has turned into crazy busy. We have all experienced those moments when we feel frustrated or overwhelmed. We know that goals play an important role in making positive change. That's why this workshop provides valuable insight into evidence-based strategies to set and achieve your goals. 

This leading-edge workshop has a primary focus for participants to set one goal in one aspect of their lives. It is perfect as a wellbeing boost, team self-care session, retreat or conference.

Participants don’t have to share their goal. Although, we find the vast majority are excited to share and discover other in their team who also aligned with similar goals. Providing a bonus layer of team support and encouragement.

Pair this workshop with our Amazing Race team building event to get the most out of your team day! After a morning of goal setting for success your team will love the opportunity to use that passionate energy and forge closer relationships with those in the team. 

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How it works

Workshop Objectives:

             - Discover why accomplishment is so important for life satisfaction and wellbeing.

             - Get clarity on a focus area, utilising a personal feedback wheel, from applied

                positive psychology.

             - Discover a positive goal setting framework and establish a written goal.

             - Establish the power of purpose and your WHY.

             - Build a clear strategy and discover the true value of emotional mastery.

             - Discover your strengths to stay on track.

             - Pre plan for the tough times when motivation slips

             - Positive reinforcement has power. Surround yourself with supporters and be

               supportive of others



"I walked away buzzing, inspired and felt like so many puzzle pieces fell into place and its up to me now to set things in motion. Presenters expertise and positive outlook was inspiring. To being a better version of yourself." - Travel NZ