Mental Toughness

3.5 hrs


20 - 600 +

Australia wide

Accredited facilitator


Mental Toughness determines our ability to perform consistently under pressure. It is a character trait that can be developed to improve professional performance.

An accredited facilitator will deliver the interactive workshop to create awareness of your own mental toughness. They will guide you through strategies to develop it across four domains. Bringing you the keys to understanding and building upon your teams ability to stay confident and prevail even when they are amongst their hardest battles. We think you’ll agree this is a skill worth developing, for leaders and team members across industries.

*suitable for executive teams. 


To get the most out of this workshop, pair it with our Battle of the Minds event, where teams race around the room competing head to head in lateral thinking and problem solving challenges.

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How it works

In this Mental Toughness workshop you and your team will

  • Define Mental Toughness and discover how it can help individuals to deal with stress and the pressure of challenges.
  • Identify various activities to build Mental Toughness

The Four C’s of Mental Toughness

Control – managing emotions and strategies to support instead of react.

Commitment – goalsetting, perseverance and maintaining motivation.

Challenge – seeing challenges as opportunity and strategies for mastering mindset.

Confidence – self-belief and interpersonal confidence.



"Fun informative and engaging. The challenge component helped me understand my reactions and provided strategies to improve and implement those strategies into my life." - Mercy Care Perth

"A very important management space workshop. Engaging, fun and excellent facilitator. " - QLD Police