Crucial Communication for High Performing Teams

3.5 hrs


20 - 500 +

Australia Wide

Accredited facilitators


In an ideal world, teams should make things easier. After all, many hands make light work - right?

Unfortunately, due to the changing work environment, the reality of teamwork proves to be far more complex. This contemporary communication skills workshop is perfect for anyone who wishes to grow professional communication skills and build positive team dynamics. Discover the art of building high-quality, interpersonal connections and how positive influence requires self-awareness of our own and others preferred communication styles.

Every employee plays a role in developing a high-performance culture. Communication skills are essential for all, irrespective of their title, position or work location.

To get the most out of this Professional Development program, pair it with our Survivor Program, where teams are put into tribes to outwit and outlast each other, communicating to new ways to work together as a team.

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How it works

In this powerful communication workshop, your team will:

Understand the communication styles of each member of a team, and your own through:

                 - Gaining insight into communication preferences

                 - Recognise other styles and adjust your approach based on need and situation

                 - Barriers to effective communication

Understand Influencing and Persuasion through:

                  -    Positive energy networks and the 5:1 ratio

                  -    Recognise the two critical components of developing high-quality connections

                  -    Active to empathetic listening skills

Know the golden rules to instigate a psychologically safe feedback conversation

                  - Discover the 4 p’s to simplify giving feedback in a team environment

                  - Deliver strength-based appreciation and why it is essential in a team environment



"Insightful. Brilliant tools to support building connection. we gained a better perspective of myself and others. I can't wait to dive in." - University of South Australia

"Great insight into providing feedback in a positive way which can be used in professional and personal life. We enjoyed connecting and building relationships in the team." 

VIC Council 

"What a fantastic event. Great feedback and they were able to put their learning straight into practice." - DHA Tailored Leadership