Working Together and Thinking BIG: The 6 Hats Thinking Method

Want to develop your team's ability to work well together? Beyond the Boardroom bring you the 6 hats thinking method, a framework of thinking which was developed by Dr. Edward De Bono in the early 1980's. Our team belives that in order to improve your organization's teamwork, they need to undestand the fundamental thinking styles that each one manages to use.

The 6 Hats is a fun and intriguing session that will allow you to discover about the different thinking styles that we use whenever each and everyone is faced with a problem or crisis. This worksahop also discusses the pros and cons that each thinking style is associated with.

Most study conclude that the factors that differentiate an average and highly effective team is the profound ability of working well together and the different patterns of THINKING they utilize.


We use the parallel thinking to:

  • Understand the 6 thinking styles
  • Identify individuals prominant thinking styles and the strengths and weaknesses on these styles
  • Workshop an idea, concept or problem that is currently faced in your businss
  • Create an action plan

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No. of participants:

Suitable up to 100people


Australia Wide


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2 hours


Workshop, facilitator, worsheets


From $2000