The Speakers Edge

Half Day


6 - 600 participants


All year round


From $1600 + gst


If you’ve ever delivered a seminar to your peers or students’ parents, presented at a conference, or facilitated a meeting you know it can be a challenge to keep the attention of your audience. This workshop covers crucial foundation and cutting-edge concepts and theories to embrace today’s audience.

This workshop is a catalyst for a whole new level of confidence in developing a highly visual power point presentation and delivering your message for maximum engagement.

According to the latest research speakers/ programs fail to deliver for two main reasons.
1) 40% is due to poor upfront engagement.
b) 20% is due to poor event design.

Without a doubt speaking is about listening and to truly engage a speaker needs to go beyond facts. Triggering audience emotion is a guaranteed way to increase retention and the impact of your core message. We know stories trigger the brain into deeper listening - we unpack the skill of telling a good story. We also look at simple but powerful strategies like how to bond an audience through safe and light participation.

How it works

This workshop will include:

  • Key speaking skills to be confident, compelling and authentic
  • Appreciate the power of stories, pauses and the power start unpacked
  • How to structure a presentation for engagement
  • Learn how to bond an audience through safe and light participation
  • Guidelines to stimulate your creative side - using power point with a contemporary professional edge.
  • Unleash 'slides that rock! '
  • Learn step by step how to build a strong visual power point presentation through chunking
  • Discover reference sites for cost effective and free visuals, fonts and graphics to make your presentations pop.

You will not be required to deliver a presentation to the group, there is light participation and interaction to appreciate the content and nothing daunting. Participants receive a comprehensive workbook for reference.

Participants receive a comprehensive workbook for reference.

Jane Wundersitz
I share every tip, trick and strategy that I have learnt in 20 years of speaking and
facilitating training in a corporate space.