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February 20, 2013

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Welcome to our new blog.  We have recently started a blog with the aim of offering you awesome team building ideas, management ideas, business coaching ideas, basically a blog that will offer insight into all questions that are "Beyond the Boardroom".

Recently there has been a lot of enquiries about the TV show style team building programs.  These programs such as Adelaide Amazing Race, Survivor South Australia and Minute to Win it are excellent fun activities for groups of up to 150 people.  Over the years we have facilitated some fantastic programs - one that stands out on my radar is when we ran a program for 130 Flight Centre staff called Survivor West Beach.  The day was perfect  the, we included raft building and raft races, beach games, team challenges including blindfolds, team challenges for that involved moving water through a series of pipes and wheel barrows and finished off with a huge sand castle building competition where the event sponsors had to choose the winning team.  We had dolphins(pure fluke!), we hired palm trees that led a path through the sand dunes, we had fake lawn paths, we had surf life saving boats in the water, we even had survivor style african drumming at the entrance.

Team building activities although great fun when they are huge and with all the bells and whistles - are also fantastic when with a small group undertaking a team building activity especially if it is an activity with a good purpose.  We have recently incorporated a team activity where you make your own commercial.  You can even make a commercial and donate it to a charity.  This is fun, rewarding and for a good cause.

Anyway - as I mentioned this is our first blog of many - so keep your eyes peeled for new posts and ideas.  If you have a question or would like some ideas unique to your business - we have some fantastic creative thinkers on board so you can always ask us!

Til next time - keep motivated and keep creating!


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