Ideas for Team Building

February 27, 2013

a team posing for their group picture

Team building for groups is an interesting topic.  Many organizations want team activities as a reward for hard work, some are looking to give their team a memory to bond the group, some are looking for challenges that will put their team out of their comfort zone and see who their future leaders might be.  It is very important to know what you want out of your team building activity.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to run a lot of team building activities, most organizations want a to offer their team a reward, something fun for the team, something that shows their staff that they care about them and value their hard work.

Team building ideas can include wine tours, surf lessons, kayaking, boat cruises, abseiling, group workshops, drumming, snorkelling, snow skiing, Races, Survivor programs, team games, making a video, massage, corporate boxing, bus tours, plane rides, harley rides, hot air balooning, swimming with Great White Sharks, swimming with Tuna, cooking classes, bush walking, sailing, raft building, charity work - the possibilities are endless.

My favourite activities are the ones that are different - not the normal run of the mill activities.  I like activities that are tailored for a group, in a remote destination, a special program that is specific to an organization.  These are the activities that require alot of work and the results are normally excellent.

When you are looking for awesome team building activity ideas - I would suggest the following course of action.

  • Decide on the reason for the activity
  • Decide on the outcome you require
  • Decide on the region
  • Decide on the time you have available for the activity
  • Decide on the dates
  • Think about the members of your team - their fitness levels and abilities
  • Have a budget
  • Think about what your team needs (do they need motivation?)

If you have an idea of an activity - then ask your provider if they can do it!

If you ever have an idea or question about team building - we welcome your phone call.  We love new programs and ideas so help up be creative!

Good luck getting the best from your team!


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