Swimming with Great White Sharks - Push your team to the limit!

May 25, 2013

Great White Shark in Port Lincoln

Extreme Adventure Team Building Activities with Adventure Bay Charters in Port Lincoln

One of our partner activities is swimming with Great White Sharks.  What better way to push your team.  The largest predatory fish - the Great White is a sight to see and will offer a life long memory and swimming with them will provide a great opportunity for your team to be pushed out of their comfort zone.  Your team members will surely enjoy this fun and effective team building activity.  

We have 2 options - 1 where we burley the water to attract the sharks and the other where we use music to draw them in - both alternatives are effective.

The friendly option is snorkeling with the Sea Lions, still an amazing experience but a little less extreme in pushing your team to the limit.

These activities are from Port Lincoln in South Australia.

Get adventurous - Don't do the normal thing - go to our extreme team building option!



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