5 Great Sydney Team Building Ideas

June 3, 2013

surf lesson for team building

5 Great Team Building Ideas in Sydney, Australia

So you are the boss or you have been instructed by the boss to research Sydney team building ideas and organise activities to help build your team, encourage team work, make the team closer, make them think creatively and as a reward for their hard work.  You have a 2 day conference in Sydney and want to make sure that it is not all white boards and conference room based.  You want to do something different - not the normal stuff like heading out for a few drinks ending with sore heads the next day.  You want the team to be able to explore Sydney.  You want the team to be pushed out of their comfort zones.

The reasons for undertaking a team building activity vary dramatically, so here are a few great team building ideas in Sydney.

1. Sydney Team Building - The Great Race - see the city of Sydney, explore the Rocks, CBD, the Harbour as you race around Sydney by foot, tram, train, bus - whatever transport you can think of.  Complete challenges, work as a team to complete tasks, create memories, learn, explore.  The Great Race Around Sydney is an awesome activity for groups both small and large, it encourages team work, it is fun, team building ideas that requires creativity and the ability to think outside the square. It is a Sydney Team Building Must do.

2. Sydney Team Building - Surf Lesson at Bondi or Manly - Push your team out of their comfort zone!  Imagine donning the boardies and bikini's, grabbing a safe soft foam surf board, strutting your stuff along the beach and hitting the surf.  What a great Sydney Team bonding experience.  From our experience - after you have seen your colleagues in their swim suits, it is amazing how comfortable with each other the team becomes, the conversation flows, the laughter and smiles are infectious and the sense of achievement your people will feel after pushing themselves, striving to achieve a goal of standing up and cheering on their team mates is absolute.  Sydney Team building - the adventurous way!

3. Sydney Team Building - Shoot your own commercial - Sydney Team Building activity with a difference.  Want your team to take a creative approach?  Need to create some in house training videos?  Need a few videos for your youtube channel or just want to have a bit of fun with the team!  This is a great activity to do in Sydney, your team will have a lot of fun and the video will go viral around your office and help with morale.  A great version of this is to do a Harlem Shake - it is very funny and simple!

4. Sydney Team Building - Sailing on Sydney Harbour - imagine viewing the Sydney icons such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  One of Sydney's highlight this team building activity encourages the team to work together to hoist the sails, navigate, work the winches and tack.  A luxury race boat, nice platters and a few drinks to finish off this is a great Sydney team building activity and reward all in one.

5. Sydney Team Building - Master Cooks - So you have a few foodies in the group, they are competitive and think that they are pretty good in the kitchen.  You want to see how the team react under pressure, how they go meeting a deadline, if they are good with their hands.  You prepare, you cook, you eat, together and the head chef along with the boss get to choose the best meal..... You drink, you socialise, you have fun.  This is a fun activity and you learn skills that you can use at home promoting a healthy eating environment.


We have plenty of Sydney team building activities available - these are 5 great ideas but we have plenty more!  If you would like more ideas don't hesitate to contact us.

Let us help get the most out of your team.

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