Best 4 Perth Team Building Ideas

December 6, 2014

olympics team building activity

If you want your team to work better together and build up a stronger bond then there are many exciting ways of doing it.

The best Perth team building ideas cover a wide range of different events and experiences that can help any team become stronger and more effective. While some of them are ways of getting team members to test their boundaries and learn new skills, other are just downright good fun to take part in.

Rock Climbing

Getting people out of their comfort zones and doing something completely different is one of the finest ways of helping them to grow and to find out more about themselves. A great way of doing this is to take your team out rock climbing. This is a thrilling day out and is sure to make the participants grow in confidence as they push themselves and encourage their colleagues. 

A Day at the Races

A day of gambling play money on horse races is one of the cleverest Perth team building ideas around. This might seem like a bit of harmless fun but it can also let you see a surprising amount about the different personalities and skills the team members have. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the sheer pleasure of this sort of event.  

Learn Circus Skills

What could be more enjoyable for your team than learning some timeless circus skills such as juggling and carrying out team lifts? This is a lot of fun and it can be a perfect way to get your team’s energy levels up again. Everyone is sure to look forward to a day like this once you let them know that you are planning it. There are going to be a lot of smiles on this day and some great memories to take away at the end of it.

A Golf Day

The idea of playing some golf might not be on the minds of everyone in your team while at work but they should soon warm to the idea. A team building day built around some golfing fun can be a terrific way to show the team that they have done a great job and deserve a reward. If you have team members who would appreciate this sort of day out then it is a fine gift to show them that their work is appreciated.  

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