Best 5 Melbourne Team Building Ideas

November 20, 2014

kayak team building activity

The good news for anyone who runs a team in Melbourne is that getting out and doing something different for a day is as easy as it is rewarding.

There are some absolutely brilliant Melbourne team building ideas to choose from these days, with something to suit every type of person and every company.

A Survivor Challenge

One of the great things about an event like this is that everyone who goes on it knows pretty much what to expect. The great success of Survivor style television shows means that you could let them part in something they already know all about. It is a chance to enjoy something really exciting and it always lets you see who has the determination and the skill to help their tribe to victory.

A Kayak Tour

The coastline around Melbourne is ideal for heading out to explore in a kayak and with some good company. Your team members will get a huge amount of pleasure out of stunning Melbourne team building ideas like this.

A Cooking Event

Learning how to cook some special dishes is the basic idea behind some of the top team building events. It is a very simple concept but it can turn into a fantastic day out that allows work colleagues to learn together while having a really good time.

A Corporate Massage

We all know by now that a good massage can work wonders when it comes to relieving stress and making you feel better. However, if you have never considered it as a way to add some sparkle to your team building events it is definitely an idea worth bearing in mind. This works perfectly as a reward for a hard working team that has achieved its goals recently.

A Quad Bike Adventure

For a team that likes a bit of adventure a quad bike experience is hard to beat. This is a wonderful way to let your team work off some steam and do something incredibly exciting. Like all of the best Melbourne team building ideas, it is ideal for letting work colleagues get to know each other better in a fun setting.

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