Perth Team Building Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

October 15, 2014

jumpshot for a successful team building

If you run a company or a team in Perth, then you are lucky to do business in a part of the world with a huge amount of team building events at your fingertips.

The city’s fabulous location means that the list of useful Perth Team Building ideas you might not have thought of is long and fascinating. The following are a few ideas to get you started.

Learn How to Surf

Can you imagine your team members having fun while trying to learn how to surf together? There are some beaches around here that are absolutely ideal for anyone keen on learning to surf. This is the kind of incredibly exhilarating activity that will see colleagues helping each other out and laughing together. Even if getting out on the waves seems a long way from your everyday business, Perth team building ideas like this can help to strengthen the bond between colleagues without them even really noticing.

Head to the Casino

The casino is a place where fortunes are won and lost but could it also be where a better team spirit is forged? It is sure to be an interesting night of roulette and blackjack but might it also teach you something new about the people in your team? The way that some players look after their play money while others are less careful could show you certain things about their attitudes. No one will win or lose real money on a team building event like this but it could be a great experience for everyone. 

Up, Up and Away in a Hot Air Balloon

Sometimes all you want to do is give your workers a very special thank you for all of their hard work. In that case, there are few treats as special as that of heading out and letting them soar up in a hot air balloon adventure. This is one of those really amazing Perth team building ideas that is sure to make everyone’s eyes light up when they first hear about it. It is the kind of thing that most of us only get to do once in our lives, so why not give the team a treat and see how much they love it?

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