Suncorp Team Building Brisbane Bike Brigade Activity

August 18, 2015

Suncorp team with the bikes they built

Today we worked with Suncorp for their fun team building Brisbane particularly in their training rooms on Queen Street.

We had a functional team working from all over the country, coming together for a 2 day program to get to know each other.

The activity today involved a series of team challenges focusing on building trust, thinking creatively to solve problems, working on accountability awareness, on team results and more.

The challenge of building the largest structure they could from straws, paper and tape had some interesting outcomes to say the least!

The final challenge was for teams to build bikes that will be donated to charity. They were not given instructions and they had to put together a range of bikes from kids sizes to teenager sizes. We then had Margaret from COOEEE Aboriginal youth centre come and speak to the group, and the bikes were donated to her organisation to be given to underpriviledged kids from the Redcliffe area. It was a heartfelt speech and donating 10 bikes to a great cause at the end of a fun day was very rewarding.

On behalf of Beyond the Boardroom and COOEEE I would like to thank Suncorp for their generous donation.

It was a fun program, there were a lot of laughs and some good hands on work whiich was great to see. So well done and thank you to everyone from Suncorp!


Luke and Elizabeth

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