African Drumming in Adelaide with Team Tonkin

August 13, 2015

We had a fun program this week with Tonkin Consulting in Adelaide. The Management group of 16 all came together in the evening greeted by a room full of African drums and percussion instruments. The apprehensive faces were priceless. The team building in Adelaide with Team Tonkin was superb and worth-remembering.  They were nice and friendly.

After learning about the instruments, how to play them and some other useful techniques each member was given a coloured bandanna. They were allocated into small teams and taught a specific rhythm. As the rhythm progressed the next team were introduced with a new rhythm and on this continued until the end of the session when the whole group were playing African beats, each having their chance to shine when doing a solo with the rest of the group backing them up.

The correlation between this activity and the workplace team is great highlighting the importance of each role in the team (rhythm), how this needs to be consistent and in time with the other parts of the business (other rhythms) and then allowing certain members of the team to show their flare and to shine with the complete support of the rest of the team.

It was a great and creative team building activity, a big thank you to Vickie for a great program and for Team Tonkin for really getting into it. They definitely improved as the activity went along which was great!

So thank you and well done to all!


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