Charity Team Building in Perth with Sapurakencana

October 4, 2015

the Sapurakencana team with their finished bikes

The football final fever was strong in Perth last week and the Beyond the Boardroom team were in the Perth Convention Centre with the oil, gas and petroleum company Sapurakencana.

The teams were all competing in a series of challenges for team building Perth with the end result being 24 bikes built and donated to a local Perth Charity.

There was some sabotage with the teams becoming competitive and "borrowing" other teams tools as they vied to be crowned the winner in the Beyond the Boardroom "Bike Brigade" challenge.

Although we did have a winning team, winning was not the name of the game but rather the whole Sapurakencana team working together to building bikes that were to be donated to the Parkerville Charity who have been changing young peoples lives for 112 years.

It was a heartfelt handover when the bikes were offered to Basil the CEO and the bikes were really well received when dropped off to the charity in the outskirts of the Perth city.

Thank you Sapurakencana for choosing an event that donated bikes to a great cause. It is great to see companies rewarding and building their teams as well as doing something fantastic for the community.

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