What is a Team?

October 14, 2015

factor that makes up a team

The definition of a team is ‘a number of people who do something together as a group’ (Cambridge English dictionary).

Building great teams doesn’t just happen, it takes work. Each member of a team has individual skills, however they need to be motivated and able to build relationships and feed off each other’s abilities to make an effective team.

Successful teams are cohesive because they share common goals, cooperate and resolve conflicts.

Some factors for building a great team include:

  • Social sensitivity – having the ability to understand others feelings
  • Having a mix of introvert and extrovert personality types – this ensures the team is not dominated by the most verbal, aggressive or popular members
  • Having common goals and a purpose – what do you want to achieve?
  • Injecting a sense of fun or humour into the project where necessary
  • Communicating proactively by providing support, guidance and suggestions to others
  • Having a team leader to guide and direct the role of each team member
  • Allowing team members input into their role and opportunity to make suggestions on improvements
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance – what has been achieved? What has the team learned? What isn’t working? What can be improved?
  • Recognition and reward – this will help boost morale and inspire the team to work positively

Beyond the Boardroom has an excellent range of team-building activities in Australia that challenge groups intellectually and physically, and our activities will allow team members to see their individual roles as contributing to the overall team success.

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