Team Building Activities: 5 Useful Tips To Try

February 6, 2016

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Teamwork should be part of the ‘organizational skeleton’ of a company; a crucial bone that connects with other elements such as company goals and motivation to provide a strong base for your business to succeed.

Effective teamwork can enable a smoother company culture, ignite better communication and help with greater workplace productivity.

Many companies try to highlight the benefits of team building events, though recent studies by Vodafone UK and YouGov found over half their employees considered these types of team activities a waste of resources and said it wouldn't help them with workplace collaboration.

Vodafone UK Director Peter Kelly disagreed and stated that team building activities are not inherently ineffective because there are many genuine team building events which can be valuable. However, he also said that in order to achieve better teamwork and employee participation, businesses need to get the basics right first.

The key to successful team building is to implement a structured team building activity that encourages participation, builds company morale and improves communication when your team needs it.

Here are 5 Useful Must Tips To Do When Planning a Team Building Event:

Define your goals

It’s vital to determine your goals for team building activities – will the activity achieve group cohesion? Will the participants learn practical methods they can use to resolve conflicts back in the office? Do you believe communication will improve after the activity? Once you define your goals, you will find it easier to progress with planning.

Consider all participant’s abilities

It may seem obvious, however team building activities should factor into consideration each participant’s abilities. Beyond the Boardroom has a range of popular intellectual and physical team building activities that challenge team members in a non-forceful way and help to eliminate anxiety or resentment about participation.

We aim to make sessions fun and interactive, whilst understanding that is it crucial to consider the physical abilities of the team members so people are more willing to put the effort into the session.

Choose a suitable activity

Once you have considered your objectives and participants strengths and weaknesses, you need to select a suitable team building activity. This is the fun part!

Google searches or Pinterest have some great concepts for team building however it’s vital to plan a session that can bridge the gap between inspiration, your company goals and team participation.

Our most effective team building in Sydney activities are found here:

Remember, if you still need guidance after looking at our diverse range of team building activities Beyond the Boardroom can provide advice on a suitable activity for your group size, budget or goals. We also custom build programs to match specific client requests so get in touch with any questions.

Book a Team Building Day via a specialist company

Beyond the Boardroom are knowledgeable about what makes team building activities successful – we run team building across most Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with past clients including Flight Centre, KPMG, Coca Cola, McDonalds and Fulton Hogan.

Our team building challenges include fun, problem-solving projects that inspire creativity, foster teamwork and spark enthusiasm!

We facilitate each activity and run it for you so you’re not stressing about the little planning details that can make or break the success of the activity.

Continue with follow-up & feedback

Team building doesn’t end with one session - booking multiple team building sessions can reinforce the skills and communication methods you need to transfer back to the workplace.

Additionally, it’s helpful (and greatly appreciated) if you gain feedback from employees to assess their thoughts and pass on comments to us so we can continue to provide worthwhile experiences in the training and development sector.

Beyond the Boardroom offers adventure team building experiences in Sydney and other main Australian cities - contact us today to discuss your next team building session.

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