10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader

December 10, 2015

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Leadership is the social branding of the situation which arises from the act of maximizing the efforts of an individual to gear a group towards the achievement of a desired common goal. So, who are the leaders and what type of qualities do they possess to make them good leaders?

What makes a great leader?

There is no set answer of who or what makes a great leader. Being a great leader has nothing to do with your job title, company hierarchy, and seniority within an organisation or personal attributes.

Why is good leadership important?

The ability to plan, measure and monitor outcomes and staff performance is a important skill to achieving goals. Good leadership is vital because it fosters greater communication within a team, it provides problem-solving and the ability to analyse options to reach a solution, it inspires a team and challenges them to reach an outcome that fulfils all needs.

What are 10 qualities great leaders possess?

  1. Honesty and ethical behaviour
  2. Ability to delegate tasks and identify team strengths so they can capitalize on them
  3. Clear commitment to your brand and company
  4. Calm and controlled manner
  5. Positive and enthusiastic attitude
  6. Creativity and adaptability
  7. Person-to-person approach (recognising individuals have different backgrounds)
  8. Integrity
  9. Interest in giving and receiving feedback
  10. Focussed and able to give strategies

What are some methods used by good leaders?

Good leadership is an essential part to achieve desired goals and projects of a company or organization. All great leaders have a thing in common, it is that they are good listeners. Leaders should be decisive, but still acts in favor of the group's collaborative decision making. He or she should not act carelessly or unilaterally because it can make or break the hardwork and effort of the team. Another thing that transformational leaders should do is to model the behaviours and other good characteristics they wish to encourage in their members. Leadership is not just about the words you say, it is also about the way you act. Leaders should always walk the talk.

The ability to set achievable goals for their team members is a good characteristic of a realistic thinking leader. Being a leader also means being a good provider, support your team with the tools, and training that they need. Taking responsibility for everyone's performance is a leader's concern. Your performance reflects that of your team. To prevent the blame game within the team, the leader should always be on top of outstanding issues. Leaders are also tasked to check in on their employees and monitor the effectiveness of implemented company policies and procedures. Learning the importance of acknowledgement and praise is a crucial factor. Praising your team for a job well done is essential. But when problems arise, quick thinking for seeking solutions to get things back on track should always be the first thing that a leader does. Superb leadership means being able to pay attention to the details about the things which have been effective solutions in the past and having the ability to think about its impact for the future. Leaders always lookout for innovative ways so that they can motivate and inspire their group members.

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