5 Tips to Instantly Motivate Your Team

November 14, 2016

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What do you usually do when your team is feeling demotivated towards the work that they usually do in the office? Handling a lot of work and juggling things between their roles in the company might have put a strain on your team. These are just some of the few reasons why they might be feeling down. Aside from fun and enjoyable team building Melbourne activities, you can also do simple things to instantly motivate your team.

Check out the list below and find out how you can easily boost up the work mood in the office.

  • Never forget to say “Thank You”. These simple words when uttered with sincerity will lighten everyone’s mood. Learn how to appreciate the work done by your team and allow them to know that you acknowledge their hard work by thanking them.
  • Show them your trust. Share some strategic insights to your team. You can also tell them some information about future projects and other plans that you have for the team. Getting them involved and interested with the endeavors and challenges ahead is a way to get them engaged with work. Allowing them to hear about insights for the future also is a way of showing them your trust. In that way, you will be able to create loyalty within your valued team.
  • Be more flexible. You can allow your team member to work off site from time to time if they are more comfortable doing it. Observe them closely, if they are more of a free-spirited person it will be best to allow them off-site work once or twice a month. You can also assign specific projects to your valued team members to allow them space off the routine work they always do.
  • Stretch short term goals if necessary. Your team members are beings who are allowed to have room for rest and errors. If you find them stressed out over your project goals, give them time to rest for a while. Do not allow your office to become an energy-sapping place. If your goals are done, a celebration will be in order. Have fun with your team and give them some reward for their hard work.
  • Learn the importance of making tea or coffee. As the leader, it is a normal sight to see members making you coffee but doing it the other way around once in a while will show them your humility. Doing menial tasks around the office is an act of generosity that everyone will appreciate. Quit bossing them around for things that you can also do on your own.

These tips are every easy to do. Making the work environment as light as possible will give your team sense of relief. We are living in a fast paced era but sharing a bit of human interaction and genuine emotions still matters. Motivate your team by doing these little ways and transform their view on the leaders who leads them. For more team building related articles, read our blog now!  

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