Team Building Sydney: Making Your Team Work

November 16, 2016

team building Sydney activities

More companies and organizations nowadays are creating teams and company departments that can aid them enhance productivity level and establish great results. With this trend, there are also a lot of companies that is on the cycle of creating, breaking and rebuilding teams numerous times. One of the main reasons why this happens is that the team they initially created did not work out the way they have envisioned it to.

Building and rebuilding a team is a business practice that can go both ways; success and failure. So how can you make sure that you won’t be on the latter? The first step that you need to do is to understand that teamwork is a team skill that is developed over time and cannot be enforced. A team will be able to work out their differences when they start communicating with each other. Establishing trust can also be started once communication lines are open. The best way to open your team’s line of communication is to conduct super team building Sydney events.

One of the most common challenges to your team happens when an individual is new to a team; he or she can be viewed as either a friend or foe. Adjusting to an established group can influence his work performance; even the simple process of asking for help can be a challenge especially if hostility towards him has been experienced already. Another different situation that happens in an organization is when a pre-existing team is put under the care of a new leader. The process of adjusting to a new leadership style will disrupt the team’s work processes.

These several issues can be hard to resolve but not doing anything and just hoping for things to work out in the end might end up ruining your team. Take the initial step by having a proper dialogue with the team. Their worries and concerns are tools that can be used to solve the problem at hand. After hearing more about the issue, you can ask them to take part in creating a plan of action that will benefit all members of the team. Engage their interests and skills, make them see the benefits if they the team will work along well. Accept feedbacks gracefully, if they have comments regarding your leadership style make a way to improve on it. Work related processes involve both members and their leader.

To make your team more acquainted with each other, you can conduct different team activities that will allow them to foster and establish good working relationships. These types of event can be an avenue for you and your team to build trust towards each other. Mutual trust is the best starting point for you to get accepted by a new team. Most leaders will find it hard to adjust to a new team especially if they are a team who are already in a close knit relationship. To know more about leadership styles, you can find helpful leadership tips if you attend Beyond the Boardroom’s leadership workshops in Australia.  

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