Amazing and Exciting Elements Race in Adelaide

September 13, 2016

Monday morning brought beautiful sunshine to the Elder Park meet point for today's Adelaide Amazing Race with Anglicare with the teams of the elements Earth, Fire, Wind, Water & Heart ready for the fun morning of team building ahead.

The leg burning paddle boat race is always deceiving for participants as what would normally be a leisurely paddle along the river Torrens turns into a frenzy of team members trying to work out the best way to peddle and steer the boats in the correct direction. As always this leg proved that the old tale of the hare and the tortoise was one to keep in mind!

After the boats teams were off on their journey north before heading into checkpoint one, the ‘memory test’ where team Blue (Water) used a method not seen before in numbering the coloured squares 1-4 from left to right to help team members remember what was the corresponding color previously picked.

From there teams headed along Nth terrace and into the Botanical Gardens where one team took the initiative to collect an old brown lotus flower and water from the pond in the hope of receiving extra points before hitting Rundle St and Rundle Mall before their next challenge at BTS Café. Team members had to all finish the delicious cupcakes before receiving their next clue, this proved more than a challenge for some as they forcibly consumed the cakes to help their team get onto the next stage of the race.

From Pirie St teams then headed south completed the final challenges before getting to the last checkpoint and the ‘water bottle challenge’ to receive their final clue for the dash to the finish line!!

First team in was team Earth (Yellow) closely followed by Team Water (Blue) with team Fire (Red) , Heart (Black) and Team Wind (Green) hot on their heals..

Amassing 42 minutes in time deductions including 23 modes of transport Team Fire took overall bragging rights on the day with Team Wind proving that it certainly wasn’t in their sails on the day taking the events wooden spoon! Another team building event in Adelaide has concluded with the help of the staff from Beyond the Boardroom.


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