Leadership: Building a Successful Team that Lasts

September 19, 2016

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Leadership: Building a Successful Team that Lasts

The team’s success is dependent on the member’s skills and the leader initiative and style. The right combination of these two factors will determine the team’s fate. In this article we will be focusing more on the leader. Knowing the right way to manage a team is a crucial factor if you want a successful team that lasts. Effective leadership has a great impact on the team’s success. Check out these tips from Beyond the Boardroom to know how you can effectively lead a team.

  • Awareness on how you work and its impact. Your leadership style and its effectivity, rate how well you manage your team. Can you consider yourself as an effective leader? The leader is always accountable on behalf of the team. Identifying the areas where you can improve your work will most likely be an effective strategy to steer your team to success. You can always modify your work when you find that you are off the course. Always leave a room for improvement; never consider yourself as a rule above your team members. Your role as a leader should command respect and strength.
  • Know your team better. Learn how you can master the “art of people”. Understand your team better and discover each member’s weaknesses, skills and strengths. Doing so will enable you to manage the team easily. A true leader knows how to make sure that every team member accomplishes the job he does best. Consider your team as a puzzle that needs to be solved to reveal the right picture. Continuous challenge and motivation for your team members will give you a great functional team.
  • Clear cut roles and responsibilities. Your team should know the definitive roles and responsibilities that they are expected to deliver. Within your team you’ll often find people who work on tasks which are beyond their scope. The interconnected and interdependent nature of tasks when working for a team might give you a hard time in giving definitive limits on your members’ roles and responsibilities. Through keen observance you’ll be able to devise a strategy that will enable your team to work seamlessly without overstepping boundaries.
  • The importance of proactive honest feedback. Never wait for the problem to occur first. If you know that your team needs guidance, in doing their tasks. Establish an open communication with your team through proactive feedbacks. Talking with your team and guiding them needs to be comfortable and direct. Never sugar-coat your comments but don’t be outright rude. Assure your team that you are the right person to guide them towards success by continuously improving the quality of their work.
  • Acknowledgement, useful rewards and celebrating success. Pay attention to your team’s efforts. Acknowledge their worth and recognize the value of their hard work. Being rewarded for accomplishment and celebrating it with them makes the success noteworthy. Corporate training Australia, team vacations and monetary rewards can motivate your team. Know what reward they enjoy and grant them the incentive as a reminder that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Mold yourself into a leader that your team will respect and look up to. Know more about how to be a great leader through Beyond the Boardroom’s leadership training. Contact us today for inquiries! 

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