Giving Back Team Building Charity Event in Wollongong

October 20, 2016

Today’s super team building event was all about how we can impact society in the small ways that have a big impact on many lives that are under privileged and need to know people care. The clients today of Pfizer took on our bike brigade program which would see the 100 people join forces and make some bikes for children connected to the Smith Family charity.

This event was held on the rooftop deck at Novotel Wollongong with a backdrop of beautiful coastline and sunshine. The bike brigade team building program is all about building towards an ultimate gain of giving back, but along the way the team from Pfizer got to experience a fun filled, action packed activity that boosts team morale and encourages the teams to problem solve, work together and to have a whole lot of fun doing it.

There were many stand out moments from today’s event from today’s program. The team from Pfizer certainly showed they were of the problem solving type with some great efforts in the water bottle challenge in which the teams would combine using only ropes to empty 8 marbles into a cup. Standouts were the Banditos (Black) and the The Green Fighting Machine (Green) who both worked meticulously and with great concentration to give their team a real head start to the challenges. Some others struggled including the Flying Nuns (white) and Ginger Ninja’s (Orange) but as the teams worked together ultimately all the teams achieved the goal. All these games including Bike Bucket head and the ultimate creative photo would see the teams collecting pieces of bikes to lead to their ultimate challenge.

Second stanza of today’s event was what this event was all about and as the teams lined the playing field marked out by cones on the Novotel Deck the teams would gain their last pieces of the bikes that today would end up building 30 children bikes. After some laughter and some interesting team approaches to collecting their last items in the blindfold pick-up game the 10 teams would knuckle down and produce 3 bikes each which would be donated to a special cause at the end of today’s proceedings. After a ruckus of working out which end of the spanner to use, Allen keys and much more that would not be associated with a normal Pfizer working day the teams did a great job to produce 30 quality bikes as the time ran out on today’s great event.

The results were tallied from the events team building and coming out on top was todays fronts runners were the Banditos (black) who proved consistency and having a multiple skill set were the ingredients to a great team performance. Taking home todays wooden spoon were Tru Blu (blue) who were gracious in receiving their last place honors in front of their colleagues.

We would then have a special guest Sun Anne from the Smith Family Charity who would arrive and give an emotion charged speech about the destination of the 30 bikes made at today’s activity and put it all into perspective and how a simple bike could encourage a child’s future to be bright through their two hours of bonding together today in this bike brigade event.

Overall another great Beyond the Boardroom team activity with a great outcome and all those going away with a special feeling of giving back to this local Wollongong community


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