How Team Workshop Helps Manage Team Members Efficiently

October 17, 2016

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The corporate environment is a giant survival game for people who want to work for a living. Adapting to the work environment can be easily done by most people, especially extroverts, but how can an introvert survive in such place?

We can view introversion as a person’s preference just like with fashion, food and music. Introverts prefer the method of keeping things to themselves because it is the way where their gifts and talents excel the most. The corporate world has long been divided into extroverts and introverts, and having this dichotomy is usually a helpful tool to know the steps you need to take to manage a team effectively.

  • Know more about introversion. This will help you find a way on how to slowly bring out their gifts and talents to share to the team. NO, you can’t just randomly throw them an activity so that they can warm up with the whole team. People who prefers introversion usually limits their communication style and social ties. They tend to answer in short phrases and get involved in brief dialogues. They prefer to have close relationships with one or two people in the same group. Their ideas are usually well thought of and are nearly as polished before they present it to others.
  • Discover the different thinking methods. The team workshop Australia entitled The 6 Hats Thinking Method by Beyond the Boardroom can help you to get a better view of a person’s thinking style. You and your team will discover more about the different thinking styles used by people not just in the workplace but in their everyday lives as well. This corporate workshop will help your team to understand individual differences effectively that is why it is a highly encouraged workshop for everyone in an organization.
  • Device a plan to draw out their ideas. If you want your team to create out of the box ideas and great projects, you might need to plan out first your course of action on how to get everyone involved. For extroverts, this will just be an easy method since they have the confidence to present their ideas but for introverts you will need to create a strategy to know their inner thoughts. Make them trust you, people who prefer introversion openly expresses their ideas to individuals who have a close relationship to them. Give them the confidence to speak out their ideas while you’re at it but do not be privy when you are still at the early stage of establishing the working relationship.

Every team has to have one or two members who prefer the introvert’s way of doing things. Being able to get them to participate into your team’s projects and goals will also help them survive in the corporate world. They might shy away from you at first but take the first step and serve as the bridge that will help them cross the stage of awkwardness to the group. If the corporate environment is a race as to who will be able to climb the top spot of the ladder, lending a hand to other will help you build the boost you might just need.

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