Tips on Choosing the Right Team Building Packages and Venues in Brisbane

March 8, 2016

team building brisbane group photo

An engaged team can set your organisation apart from the competition. When you have a culture of engagement, employees work with a sense of purpose and cooperation. Everybody contributes to the success of the company. It feels good and it’s inspiring to be a top performer if there’s a high level of engagement in the team.

Your company’s team bonding strategy plays a big role in building this culture of engagement. That’s why an increasing number of businesses today are prepared to invest more for team building, Brisbane experts say. Business leaders know that a high-performing, engaged team is an essential factor in driving the company forward.

Needless to say, not all team building packages are equal. Many programs can be fun or exciting or memorable, but may not necessarily help you achieve business goals. That’s why for your next team building event, make sure that the team building packages you choose are designed to facilitate long-term, significant and impactful results.

When choosing your venue and package, consider the following recommendations:

Host the activity during business hours. Think of your company as a gracious host holding a special event, instead of looking at the exercise as some serious obligation. The last thing you want to do is for your team building session to extend over to your employee’s non-working hours or vacation time. Instead of setting up a weekend or after-hours event, it would be much appreciated if the schedule of your program is limited to your regular work hours. It will be a welcome break from the usual routine, and you’ll be sure to get everyone’s energy and focus on the itinerary since you aren’t disturbing their personal time.

Think about the transport and logistics considerations. Team building activities within the city can work effectively as much as team building events held in some fancy resort or out-of-town venue. Take note of the travel distances, traffic situation and accessibility to public transport, if you’re not providing the vehicle.

What about the weather? Take note of the season when choosing between an indoor or outdoor venue. If the activity is scheduled during the time of the year when it’s usually rainy or especially chilly, activities that can be done indoors, such as food and wine activities, are suitable. If you’ve planned it during the summer, adventure-based itineraries held outdoors are great. Meanwhile, there are some events that can work both indoors and outdoors, such as a “create your own commercial” program.

Of course, the success of your activity relies on your overall goals and how you designed and implemented the team building exercise. To make sure that your next activity will truly lift the team spirit, get expert help from a trusted team building Brisbane partner today.

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