What Is the Importance of Team Building (Melbourne) in the Workplace?

March 15, 2016

team building outdoor activity

Every employee has a part to play in a company's operations, achievements and success. Each one went through a careful selection process and was hired because of the potential value that they can bring to the table. He becomes instrumental in helping the organisation become a well-oiled, high-functioning machine that makes waves within the industry it belongs to.

However, it's also crucial to keep in mind that the individual employee cannot perform his role in a vacuum. He is part of a team. These teams belong to a department. The various teams and departments work together in different ways. As such, there is a need for employers to ensure that everyone in their organisation has an opportunity to apply themselves not only to their tasks, but to the creation of a cohesive, harmonious and collaborative team.

This is where team building comes in.

Creating better teams through structured, purposeful activities
Every few months (or weeks, depending on your company culture and vision), it would be a beneficial idea to have your employees participate in activities specially designed to encourage team building. Melbourne is a dynamic location where all kinds of team building events — ranging from quiet indoor activities to more complex physical challenges — can be expertly carried out with the help of a seasoned team building events provider.

Why is team building such an important component of a happy, successful and effective workplace? Consider the following reasons:

It helps boost morale and productivity.
Employees should not have to spend all their days in the company thinking about nothing but work. A workplace is a dynamic environment with several different personalities, and people are naturally social animals (some more than others, though), so getting everyone together to work on an activity or participate in an event offers a refreshing change. Employees can spend time in new locations, talk to new people, gather new experiences, and just enjoy themselves.

When employees' well-being, job satisfaction, and social relationships are looked after, they can find greater motivation to perform well at work.

It helps foster clear and constructive communication.
The best team building Melbourne activities can involve everything from solving puzzles, to whipping up delicious meals, to racing around the city looking for clues, to putting together a musical performance, to surviving outdoors and many more.

The key concept here is that none of these things are accomplished alone — groups of co-workers have to band together to meet specific goals and clinch certain achievements. And none of these will be possible without the team members learning how to communicate effectively with each other through those activities.

It encourages team members to connect and bond over a fun experience.
Different employees take to the workplace in different ways. Some may immediately find new friends while others may take a while (sometimes, a really long while) to overcome shyness or to warm up to new acquaintances and build friendships.

A day (or several days) spent engaged in a group activity, aimed at attaining common goals and working together to get every team member through the finish line or the end of the activity, is sure to work wonders in forging new relationships within the workplace. Team building events create a greater positive impact on employees than boring meetings do — and employers will undoubtedly observe this in their employees' renewed enthusiasm, more active engagement in company endeavours, and greater pride in their role within the company.

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